The world is changing. What do you do?

After COVID-19: anticipating a new reality

Although managing the immediate health crisis is on top of everybody’s mind at the moment, sooner or later every organization will have to consider what their world will look like in a ‘post-corona era’. With this paper, we want to provide some hopefully helpful perspectives and ideas to organizations that now are able to mobilize the capacity and brainpower to think about the longer term, the world after covid-19. This paper gives executives and strategists, especially in the public, care, corporate, and education sectors, some concrete tools in order to prepare for a post- corona era.

Quickly respond to change

The world is full of opportunities and threats. We help organizations succeed in a changing environment. With innovative methods, tools and our network of Jesters. Together with organizations we look into their inside and from the inside out into the changing world. So that they can respond to changes in their own strength.

Jester builds highly responsive organizations

In earlier times the jester used to be the court jester of the king. The jester held up a mirror to the king and advised him on how to rule his kingdom. The jester used different means to tell his story, like performances, drama and (role) play. The court jester provided reflection, insight in developments outside the court and strategic adaptability.

We are today’s Jesters!

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Create more value

Inspiring organizations to create added value in their own special way. Successful organizations combine this with optimum performance. We help organizations make conscious choices about their uniqueness and their role in the world. A constant and critical look at its own performance makes it possible to make adjustments at all times. This way organizations become robust and flexible.

“Planning means changing minds, not making plans” – Arie P. de Geus

Impact comes first

When we help organizations something will change. We want to have impact from the start. Often, this change is measurable. Always, this change is felt.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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