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Meet our new talents

To build our growing business, we have added three young talents to our team in recent months. En passant we have thus somewhat straightened out the male-female ratio at Jester Strategy. Fellow Jester Linda Kaput speaks with the latest acquisitions of Jester Strategy: Gabriella Monasso, Rianne Bos and Yasmine Rjiba.

Travel-loving types

The new Jesters each have their own story, whereby traveling and moving are clear similarities. Gabriella Monasso, after living and working in London for five years, has returned to her hometown The Hague with Brexit. This world citizen previously lived in Amsterdam, South Africa and Germany. Gabriella studied sociology and worked at the London School of Economics and in consultancy. Yasmine Rjiba is at the start of her career. Her studies in International Business and Strategic Management brought her to Maastricht, Madrid and Rotterdam. She will soon move from Drunen to Utrecht. Finally, Rianne Bos combines her master study Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences at the VU with her work at Jester Strategy. She is originally from Putten, previously lived in America and now in Amsterdam.

Having an impact with a great team

When they talk about why they chose Jester Strategy, it quickly becomes about the culture. Yasmine says: 'From the first meeting it felt like coming home to Jester Strategy. The vision, the people, the projects, everything actually. ' Gabriella: 'The culture and working methods of Jester Strategy really appealed to me.' In addition to the culture and the people, Rianne Jester also sees Strategy as the right place to realize change. 'I want to try to make the world a bit better and at Jester Strategy we do that by working with organizations on change.' Gabriella also mentions working in different sectors and for different clients. "This gives me the opportunity to keep challenging myself."

Keep asking questions and have fun

In addition to their qualities, Gabriella, Rianne and Yasmine also bring some beautiful life lessons to Jester Strategy. Yasmine explains: 'When you talk you can't listen' is an advice that I always take to heart. Especially in this work it is important to look for the question behind the question. ' Gabriella has learned to always be critical of why organizations work in a certain way. 'By questioning precisely what is seen as self-evident, people and organizations arrive at new insights and ideas.' Rianne mentions a lesson she learned from a former colleague at the care farm. 'Hard work is important, having fun in it even more.' No doubt she gets along with Maurits who gave his fellow Jesters that strategy is also fun.

Full development in the coming years

Gabriella, Rianne and Yasmine are motivated to develop further in the coming years. They see plenty of room for this at Jester Strategy. Yasmine: 'First of all I want to develop my basic skills as a consultant and then there are so many other things I want to learn!' Gabriella and Rianne like to dive deeper into the method of scenario planning, often used by Jester Strategy. Gabriella explains: 'One thing is certain, you cannot predict the future. Scenario planning is a fascinating method that helps deal with uncertainty. It is precisely by embracing that uncertainty that you as an organization can better prepare for the future. '

The world is changing, what are our new Jesters doing?

Embracing uncertainty is not a bad idea, because the world is changing rapidly. What are the new Jesters actually doing to deal with this properly? Rianne mentions the importance of staying true to yourself. 'Trust your own strength, then you can handle any change.' Yasmine strongly believes in the importance of dynamic capacities, she wrote her master thesis about it. 'The research has strengthened my belief that flexibility is necessary for companies.' Gabriella continues to learn in response to a changed world. Making conscious choices is also important, she says. 'Making a choice is better than not making choices because you then do things halfway.'

Curiosity leads to wonder

The ladies are very interested in the world around them. Gabriella wants to understand why people or organizations function in a certain way and therefore always asks many questions. Rianne can't handle it if she doesn't know enough about things. Yasmine also likes to map out as many variables as possible before starting a project. Their interest and curiosity often leads to amazement. Yasmine: 'I am amazed at everything, from the enormous bureaucracy in the Netherlands to the slow pace of digitization in some sectors.' Gabriella is also regularly surprised. 'It is incredible how little is looked ahead and planned for the future in 2021. Not just plan B, but plans C and D are essential. ' Her background in Global Health leads Rianne to wonder about global inequality: 'The daily reality of a large part of the world population is so different from ours, while we (can) do so little about it.'

Time for a little relaxation

Serious topics, which they work on with enthusiasm at Jester Strategy. But what do these women actually do in their spare time? It should come as no surprise that all three like to travel, but unfortunately it is a bit more difficult in these times. We can always wake up Gabriella for a good conversation. 'Whether it's 7 a.m. or 3 a.m., I am always tempted to have a conversation (or discussion) about politics.' In addition, she maintains contact with her friends at home and abroad during the lockdown via weekly video calls and she likes to play sports. Yasmine dives into the kitchen. "I have a new cookbook from Jamie Oliver that I have now tried out a number of recipes." In addition, Yasmine can be found in the gym as soon as the weather is possible. Rianne enjoys the company of her friends and is a fanatic korfball player. 'This week I had dinner with friends that I had not seen for a while, very nice. Unfortunately, korfball is not an option at the moment because of corona. '

 We warmly welcome Gabriella, Rianne and Yasmine to Jester Strategy!

Would you like to get acquainted with our new acquisitions? Please contact Gabriella Monasso (, +31 6 15 64 82 18).