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Our book 'Ready for the future' is out!

The Jester Strategy team is proud to present our new book: 'Ready for the future. Design an effective strategy in 6 steps'. Written by Michiel de Vries, Bas Schulten and Maurits Speksnijder from Jester Strategy. With this book you can get started with developing the strategy for your organization. Based on all our experience, we have converted the development of strategy into a practical method. Over the past year, we have worked hard with the team and the publisher to prepare the book for publication. 

Win a copy of our book

Every year we support dozens of organizations in developing a new strategy. Based on our experience, we have developed our own unique method for strategy formation: the Strategy CUBE. Strategy is complex, the Strategy CUBE makes complexity manageable. With the help of the Strategy CUBE, every organization develops an effective strategy in six steps.

What strategic challenges do you see for your organization, sector or perhaps BV Nederland? Share your vision with us and we will send our new book to the 50 most creative, inspiring or surprising contributors. Submit your challenge via the website! (This promotion has now ended.)

The book can also be ordered via of!