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Four criteria for strategic choices

Do you also find it difficult to make choices in these uncertain Covid times? You're not the only one. We see many organizations struggling with important strategic issues. Despite the fact that we have been living in this new reality for a year, many (perhaps even most?) Organizations are still in 'survival mode'. Even a year after the first lockdown, the main question remains how do we keep things going in the near future? It is very difficult to look five years ahead when it is already a challenge to get through the next five months or even weeks. Just when we think that light appears at the end of the tunnel, the virus and humans surprise us again. A second wave, a British, South African, even New York variant that will usher in a third wave. Setbacks in the production and distribution of the vaccines. If one fire seems to have just been extinguished, another one flares up. It is therefore not surprising that organizations get stuck in crisis management, perhaps even logically. However, this will cause problems in the long run.

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