Jester builds highly responsive organizations

The Jester in earlier days was the court jester of the king. The Jester held up the mirror to the king and advised the ruler in ruling. For this the Jester used various means to tell his story, like stage performances, drama and play (or games, as we call them nowadays). Imagination is a powerful tool to get a message across. The court jester (or fool, in Shakespeare plays) provided reflection, understanding of developments outside the court
and strategic adaptability.

We are today’s Jesters!

With our innovative techniques, our online tools, and our network of jesters, we help organizations to be successful in a changing world.

Roles of the Jester

Mapper of knowledge

We analyze knowledge inside and outside the organization..


We are looking for the truth, the question behind the question and the answer behind the answer.

Confidante of the king

It can be lonely at the top, we are both trusted advisor and sounding board.


Sometimes we only make progress with a totally different approach, look at it from another angle. A bit strange, but very useful.


We stimulate creativity and help bringing to life innovative ideas.


We are questioning existing boundaries and standards if this is necessary to change.


Laughter is the best medicine, we want to enjoy working together. We do not mind to be used as a Joker for that matter.

It’s all about impact

If we’re helping organizations there will be change. We want to have impact from the first contact. Often the change is measurable. It’s always noticeable.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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