Business model analysis

Understand the DNA of your organization
Do you feel you are not serving your customers optimally? Do you think you are not making targeted enough use of your people and resources? The business model forms the DNA of an organization. The business model describes the unique way in which your organization creates, delivers and retains value. Strong companies have a unique business model which has developed over the years and is not easy to transform or copy.

The business model is fundamental for the strategy of an organization. The strategy of a company is aimed at strengthening the company’s business model and making it resistant to new situations.

Analyze strengths and vulnerabilities

A business model analysis forces you to take a structured look at the construction and design of your organization. With this analysis you can build a common framework of reference for the way in which the organization creates value. For directors and employees, but also for partners and customers. This common frame of reference enables you to have a well-informed conversation about the strength, the distinctiveness, but also about the vulnerabilities of your organization.

We use the business model canvas to map the business model of your organization. The value proposition is in the heart and describes the value you deliver to your customers. On the market side, we look at the customers, distribution channels and the revenues generated by these customers. On the internal side we look at the most important activities, partners and resources and the costs associated with them.

City strategy

Value system for municipality, city and region

Jester has a unique business model for municipalities, cities and regions. This value system describes the distinctive values of a municipality, city or region. The value proposition, conditions and economic clusters together form the business model. The value system is the perfect way to examine how to maintain or increase the value of the municipality, city or region.

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“Luck is not a business model” – Anthony Bourdain

Business model analysis in 3 steps


Step 1: Fill in the business model

Describe all parts of the business model canvas. Formulate the current situation.


Step 2: Determine strength

Determine which parts make the business model strong and unique.


Step 3: Determine vulnerability

Determine which parts are sensitive to changes in the external environment.

Online tool: Business Model Creator

Understanding the strength and vulnerability of your organization

  • Online brainstorming with stakeholders
  • Understanding distinctiveness and strength and vulnerability
  • Concrete tips and tricks for a powerful business model
  • Easy to use through interactive interface

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