City Strategy: strategy for municipalities and regions

The nature of economy and society is changing significantly under the influence of numerous external developments, like technological developments and demographic shifts. To develop effective policy in areas such as housing, spatial planning, infrastructure, social or economic domain, municipalities need to know where the current developments can lead to.

We use scenario explorations and analyses of the region’s economic structure to think about the future together with stakeholders.

Vision for the future

Jester helps municipalities and regions to develop broadly based and robust visions for the future. We use scenario explorations and business model analysis. With our online tools we ensure greater involvement of external stakeholders and a joint strategic dialogue when thinking about the future.

Vision on spatial planning

New legislation makes having an integral vision of spatial development necessary. How do you then take into account an uncertain future? Using scenarios we explore the possible future. We then determine which policies are the same in all scenarios and which do vary.
This way, we develop a vision on spatial planning that provides clear guidance but is also adaptive.

Economic structure reinforcement

A good understanding of the economic ‘DNA’ of a region is essential when thinking about focused reinforcement. What makes the region different and what does it have to offer? With our City Strategy Canvas we help municipalities and Economic Boards to strengthen their economy. We look at where the strength and vulnerability of the region lie and which points can be built upon in attracting employment opportunities and talent.

City Strategy Canvas

Jester developed the unique City Strategy Canvas to work on strategy development in a structured way for municipality, city or region. The City Strategy Canvas enables governments, economic boards and regional organizations to describe how value is created within a specific geographic region (employment, economic product) and how this added value can be further developed.

Components of the City Strategy Canvas

1. Value proposition

Describes the added value of a municipality, city or region for economic actors in the region (companies and employees). The value proposition includes reasons why these actors choose the region as a business location or residence.

2. Resources

Describes (in qualitative and quantitative terms) the sources that feed the value proposition. The sources are as it were the buttons which can be rotated.

3. Economic clusters

Describes sectors and specialisms on which the city (region) creates economic value
in terms of economic product and employment.

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