Commercial strategy

How effective is your commercial organization?
Have you identified all your customer segments? Do you have a clear picture of the developments within the customer segments most important for you? And did you sharply and sufficiently adjust your strategy for each customer segment? Questions like these are dealing with the commercial strategy of your company.

Commercial organization demands future-proof choices.

Your commercial strategy determines the way you use your sales and marketing organization to achieve your commercial objectives. This is a summation of the right market segmentation (which markets do we focus on?), the right customer segmentation (which customers do we focus on?) and the right service strategy for each customer segment (what do we offer and in what way?).

The environment in which your commercial organization operates is in full swing. Customer demands, but (competitive) service models as well, are rapidly developing, creating new standards. And this in a world where the lines between business sectors
are rapidly blurring.

Jester can help you refine your commercial strategy and target your marketing efforts.
In addition, we are able to assist your organization in reducing the cost of your sales
by a more effective use of your sales system.

Optimization of your marketing strategy by analysis and understanding

Companies that can quickly change their commercial offerings and thus are able to respond rapidly to changing customer requirements are more likely to achieve customer and revenue retention than companies that cannot. In addition, understanding the impact of sales efforts, as well as insight into the exact cost of sales, is crucial.

With the help of analysis of the sales effectiveness on different parts of your sales organization you can better focus the time and attention of your sales staff and bring it into line with the business strategy.

Analysis of sales effectiveness

In order to give companies more control over the effectiveness of their sales efforts we have developed a sales effectiveness scan, in which we assess the effectiveness of your sales organization. This scan consists of a data-analysis and two workshops to evaluate the findings of the analysis with your team. With the sales effectiveness scan you will understand the following:

Effectiveness of the sales strategy

Are you focussing on the right customer segments, with the optimum range through the best channels and based on the right (performance) objectives?

Effectiveness of the sales organization

Does your sales organization have optimal structure and scale? What roles and responsibilities are appropriate and how for example do we deal with customer allocation in the sales department?

On the basis of the results of this scan, together with your sales team, commercial strategy and sales organization can be strengthened and optimized. This based on the principles you yourself defined, for example, lowering costs or increasing sales.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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