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Linda Kaput

Role and expertise

Linda is a senior consultant at Jester. As a consultant she is experienced in thinking about the future in a structured way with organizations in both the public and private sector. Linda supports organizations in looking inwards ('what do you stand for as an organization?') And outwards ('what comes your way from the external environment?'). She does this from roles as project leader, facilitator or external expert. Linda is active in several sectors, but focuses in particular on the education sector. Linda also regularly gives guest lectures at Dutch universities.


Linda has a background in International Relations. She has extensive experience as a management consultant. She has experience with various types of organizations, including educational organizations, (local) government, financial service providers and media companies. Previously, she gained experience with the consultants of EY and with various NGOs in East Africa and the Netherlands.


Linda is an energetic advisor who combines strategic, conceptual analysis with practical, operational results. She enters into sincere relationships with the people she works with and makes the difference from these relationships. In her spare time Linda makes furniture and writes on her blog

+31 6 27 25 92 10

The best way to predict the future is to create it.