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Michiel de Vries

Role and expertise

Michael is a partner at Jester. He is an experienced organizational consultant and advises organizations in the field of strategy development and strategic planning. Michiel has a great sense of interpreting exogenous developments on companies and translating these into choices and changes in the shorter term. He pays a lot of attention to feasibility and feasibility. Michiel advises both directors and supervisory directors. In 2021 he published the book 'Ready for the future', about designing robust strategy step-by-step.


Michiel studied Business Administration (cum laude) and Management Consulting at the Rotterdam School of Business. He also obtained his Certified Management Accountants (VU Amsterdam). He was trained in screenplay planning by Peter Schwartz. In 2013, Michiel founded Jester Strategy and in 2014 he co-founded Jester Tools. Before that, Michiel was active as an advisor at EY for over 10 years. In addition to his latest book on strategy development, Michiel wrote the book in 2011 'Strategic control - Professionalizing internal supervision of strategy development', and in 2013 the book'City Strategy - Developing a robust future strategy for the city and region'. Michiel regularly stands in front of the class, including as a teacher at the NCD Academy.


Michiel is a creative person, with attention to feasibility. A strategy must be well thought out, sound and be able to count on support. He is only satisfied when the result is distinctive and unique. In addition to his work, Michiel likes to be inspired by other countries and cultures and he likes to chart a course on the water.

+31 6 52 85 42 83

The future depends on what you do today.