OGSM: Strategic planning

The journey from A to B
Successful organizations not only have good ideas, but are also capable of carrying them out. In every organization there are plans, but are concrete plans being made? Too often good strategy gets stuck in vague, unspecific slogans and ambitions. Strategic planning translates strategic choices into concrete activities whose success can be measured.

Specify and plan

Strategic planning is the way in which an organization organizes and deploys its resources to reach its goals. It is the way an organization gets from A to B. Strategic planning is about specifying strategy into action lines. Determining timing. Assigning ownership. And allocating people and resources to realize the strategy. The OGSM model (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) provides the structure for shaping such planning.


OGSM is a model to translate your ambition into concrete goals, strategic choices and actions. OGSM stands for Objective , Goals , Strategies and Measures (Key Performance Indicators and actions).

OGSM in 4 steps

Step 1: Determine Objective

Formulate the qualitative objective of your organization. The objective shows where the organization wants to be in a (few) year(s). It inspires and gives direction.

Step 2: Determine Goals

Then translate the qualitative objective into a number of quantitative goals. On the basis of these measurable goals you can determine whether the objective is actually achieved.

Step 3: Choose strategies

What strategic choices do you make to realize your objective? Where do you focus on? How does the organization deploy its resources?

Step 4: Determine measures

Describe the actions that must be done to realize the strategies. Choose the quantitative measuring points to monitor the progress of strategies.

OGSM Strategy Creator

Creating and monitoring strategy

  • Translate ambition into strategic choices and actions
  • Online brainstorming with stakeholders
  • Monitor the progress of actions
  • Easy to use through interactive interface

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