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Scenario game to have a stimulating conversation with stakeholders

The covid pandemic shook up the world. Many organizations had to act quickly. How do we stay open and function? Do we need to quickly adapt our business model and offer new services and/or products in order to survive? This was less important for a housing association. Renting out houses to people with a smaller wallet is reasonably covid-proof. But will it stay that way? What will the world look like after covid? And what does that mean for your tenants, their housing requirements and your role as a housing association? These were questions that housing association Alwel, active in Breda, Roosendaal and Etten-Leur, among others, considered. Especially since a new business plan had to be drawn up. How do you ensure that such a plan is as future-proof as possible in a rapidly changing world made even more uncertain by a global pandemic that affects every aspect of our lives.

Scenarios exploring the role of the housing association

Using scenario planning Alwel started looking further into the future. The central question was 'What role are we willing, allowed and able to assume in the social and housing market?
issues in this region'? Together with employees from all parts of the organisation,
looked at various trends and sketched four different future worlds of 2035.
Four worlds, each with its own opportunities and challenges.

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Online scenario game facilitates dialogue with stakeholders

When the scenarios were ready, Alwel used them to conduct a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities for the future(s) with its stakeholders. Based on Jester's online scenario game module, discussions were held in various subgroups about the housing and social agenda and the neighborhood per scenario and what role a housing corporation or other stakeholder could play in this. Not only useful information for a new business plan, but also a good conversation starter for the dialogue itself in the region.

Gaming as inspiration for the business plan

The results of the game have provided the necessary inspiration for the new
business plan. In an interactive follow-up session within Alwel, on the basis of a
scenario game conducted a strategic dialogue. Also being with a 'red versus blue team' game
further deepened the themes and mindsets for the business plan. Which ideas remain
'standing upright' in multiple scenarios? How can you make ideas that do not immediately match a certain scenario more robust, more future-proof?

“On the basis of the scenarios, we have had conversations with each other that we would not otherwise have had so quickly. It's interesting to see how we all have different views of the future. With scenarios we can really give that a place in our strategic thinking.”
Tonny van de Ven, Chairman of the Executive Board Alwel

Would you like to know more about this project or how you can use scenarios to gain inspiration for your strategy? Or to start a discussion about the future with your stakeholders? Contact Jeroen Toet.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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