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Dynamic strategic roadmap for Energy Safe Victoria

Jester supports the Australian Energy Safety Watchdog Energy Safe Victoria with scenario planning and a monitoring system for creating a dynamic strategic roadmap.

Exploring the future of the energy landscape

Energy, especially electricity, is an important theme in Australia. Even in a large state like Victoria, with the city of Melbourne, blackouts occur. It is very difficult to predict what the future of the energy landscape will look like. Technology, (geo) politics, it all plays a role. Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the government agency that oversees the safety of the gas and electricity networks in the state. ESV has decided to explore the future of the Victorian energy landscape scenario planning to bet.

In collaboration with our Australian partner SJS Strategy Jester Strategy helped ESV with drawing up those future scenarios. During the process, discussions were held with various Australian and international energy experts and an internal project group set to work together. Four different sketches of the future have emerged here. Four futures, each with their own character and challenges. The project group then considered the answers that ESV can formulate to meet these challenges. Jester helped them with the help of the OGSM method to transform those answers into a strategic roadmap. For example, the strategic initiatives were translated into concrete actions.

The strategic roadmap is kept up to date with an online Early Warning System from Jester Tools. In this way, ESV can keep track of which scenarios are getting closer and determine which adjustments are needed in the roll-out of its strategic roadmap.

For more information about this project, please contact Jeroen Toet.

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