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The Hague Building Brigade opts for enforcement scenarios

Will the maintenance of municipal housing be privatized in the coming years, or will it remain a public task? And will citizens continue to behave properly, or are we facing troubled times? Factors affecting the profile of The Hague Building Brigade of the municipality of The Hague.

Source: Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Haagse Pandbrigade guarantees the quality of the existing housing stock in The Hague, for both the occupation and the physical condition: people and stones. Within The Hague, the department has built up a strong name and position, both in terms of content and in the political domain.

Future scenarios

At the same time, there is a realization that the profile of the Haagse Pandbrigade can change significantly under the influence of national, social and Hague trends and developments. To lead the way, the Haagse Pandbrigade, supported by Jester, has developed four different future scenarios, each of which requires a different set of challenges for the course and design of the Hague Building Brigade.


Where the Haagse Pandbrigade has already sketched the first contours of the scenarios, we have been able to support it in developing all the scenarios. Based on these scenarios, the challenges that the Hague Building Brigade will face in the coming years have been outlined. For optimal assurance, a course memorandum has been drawn up, which serves as a guide for the development to be deployed.

"With a few quick and effective meetings, we have been able to draw up scenarios with which we can really start steering!"
Patrick Sebti, department manager Municipality of The Hague

Would you like to know more about the scenario planning at the Haagse Pandbrigade? Please contact Michael de Vries.

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