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TMZ chooses strategy based on scenarios, together with colleagues, clients, volunteers and supervisors

TriviumMeulenbelt Care has worked hard to fine-tune its multi-year strategy. To be open to the speed at which the world is changing, four future scenarios have been drawn up with the help of more than 70 employees, (representatives of) clients / residents, volunteers and supervisors.

'Together for personal care' is TMZ's motto, and this is also evident from the participation of so many stakeholders. The Board of Directors has involved everyone in all transparency and openness. With the help of the scenarios, the wildest action perspectives were sometimes suggested, which together really emphasize the uniqueness of TMZ.
The involvement and creativity ensure sharpness: who is TMZ, what does it stand for, and how does it want to be known?

“By drawing up scenarios we have been able to involve a large group of colleagues in an interactive way in our new vision. Insight into each other's knowledge, support and involvement is really of added value to us in this process. ”
Fred Schrander, TMZ Board of Directors

Working together on the vision of the future

'Together' is the keyword for the strategic dialogue about the future: in TMZ's vision, value can only be added by working together. Scenario planning and our working methods support this like no other: by drawing up scenarios together and understanding their impact together, a supported image of the world is created, the robust options have been jointly established and an organization-wide foundation has been laid under the strategic vision.

Different working methods

In the first large meeting, all colleagues in small, randomly divided groups discussed trends and developments. After a hesitant start - "I don't know anything about this!" - it turned out that everyone can put themselves in the shoes of others, and indeed has refreshing insights about the world around us.
As a working method, we opted for a fresh and structured brainstorm per group, in which the impact on TMZ of the most impactful trends is determined. With Kahoot we have reduced 50 trends to 10.

“Not listening to a presentation for two hours, but getting to work actively. Well prepared and coordinated, and fun to work on it together. ”

The second meeting was discussed about the future scenarios drawn up. All scenarios provided insight into one thing: the world is changing, and TMZ must change with it. It was precisely because of this that discussions were held about the options TMZ has for responding to the challenges that lie hidden in each scenario.
By researching the impact of these scenarios in groups, and by pitching what needs to be changed in the mission and vision, ownership and mutual insight are created.

More information about this project? Please contact Bas Schulten of Michiel de Vries.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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