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Future scenarios for the municipality of Westland

On November 22, some 80 Westlanders, varying from entrepreneurs to councilors, social partners or interested residents, reflected on future scenarios about the way in which Westland can make robust choices to realize its ambitions.

Scenarios for an adaptive strategy

In a rapidly changing world, it is necessary to have a well-supported, long-term course with room to respond quickly to change. Within the themes 'Westland nourishes and greens the world', 'At home in Westland' and 'Vibrant Westland', the municipality is looking for future-proof strategic choices.

Dealing with uncertainty

The municipality of Westland has developed future scenarios for this purpose together with Jester. Four representations (no predictions) of the future were made based on combinations of two core uncertainties: a geopolitical uncertainty that outlines the international trade climate (open versus closed) and a more social uncertainty that says something about what society looks like and how together / self-reliant this is (resilient versus vulnerable living together). This resulted in the following four visions of the future.

Four scenarios for the municipality of Westland

  1. 'Valuable world' in which there is a lot of cooperation, there is global trade, people go for well-being instead of prosperity and there is attention for the long term, each other and the environment;
  2. 'Mighty market' in which global trade is possible, in which bulk production takes place in Westland, where there is a lot of individualization and in which prosperity precedes welfare;
  3. 'Resilient Westland' in which the world is regionalized, a healthy and green living environment is paramount and where, through cooperation, social, sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship is created;
  4. 'Closed group' in which trade disputes and protectionism are commonplace, export opportunities have diminished and it is a world of 'us' against 'them'.

Scenario game during stakeholder meeting

The four different future scenarios were presented on November 22, 2017 at the 'Together we make Westland' meeting dedicated to this. After a brief introduction by Mayor Van Ardenne, four volunteers each 'pitched' a scenario. Then the attendees had to show their colors by means of a scenario game: they had to stand at the scenario that they considered most likely. Then to the scenario they found most challenging. During the game interesting discussions were held which showed that although everyone has his / her own assumptions about the future, others often also have very good arguments for an alternative.

After a break, the participants were divided into groups to empathize with a particular scenario. In the subgroups they then had to consider what to do in Westland (and also what not to do) in order to give substance to the three formulated ambitions in 2030 in a specific scenario. The breakout sessions showed that a number of themes should be focused on, regardless of what the world will look like in 2030. Westland as the global knowledge center for sustainable greenhouse horticulture, new housing concepts and more variety in the housing supply (especially with new collective, but also green housing concepts), further development of coastal recreation and more variety in the cultural offer.

Living document to continue the strategic dialogue

In the coming period, the outcomes will be worked out in a living document and the follow-up process will be further fleshed out to ensure that scenario thinking is used on a permanent basis (for example by annually monitoring the scenarios) to facilitate the strategic dialogue with residents, companies and other stakeholders. in order to chart an adaptive, future-proof course together.

Video impression

Are you curious about the meeting on November 22? Watch this video to get an impression of the atmosphere and hear the experiences of the participants.

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