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Future scenarios housing market 2023 for Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed

Ter Steege Construction Real Estate is part of the Ter Steege Group - a family of 25 independent companies in real estate, construction, trade and industry - and with its construction and real estate company is active in the design, construction, financing, management and maintenance of buildings. Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed is strongly represented in the Dutch housing market and works for private individuals, housing corporations, (commercial) landlords and investors. It always seeks the optimal balance between the ever-changing wishes of the residents and the objectives of the clients.

Ter Steege website (28-12-2018)

Now that the Dutch housing market is facing various major challenges - including increasing economic volatility, challenges in the field of circularity, urbanization, changing housing requirements, a growing shortage of professionals and strong changes in construction techniques - making future-proof choices for a companies like Ter Steege are becoming increasingly complex. It is difficult to predict how and at what speed these changes will take place. Because what will the Dutch housing market look like in 2023, for example?

“As a family business, Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed has a strong foundation in which continuity and a long-term focus play a central role. But in a housing market that - recovering from a strong crisis - is affected by numerous developments, it has become increasingly challenging to arrive at well-informed, future-proof strategic choices. ”
Rieneke Leusink - Ter Steege, Ter Steege Group

This mix of challenges prompted the management of Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed to develop a set of future scenarios, led by advisers from Jester Strategy. The aim is to use these future scenarios for the (re) assessment of choices already made, but also as a touchstone for strategic choices still to be made within the various operating companies of Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed. Having insight into what the future can bring to opportunities and challenges helps the management of Ter Steege to identify relevant challenges, opportunities, but also risks and to respond to them at an early stage.

Future scenarios help to break through existing patterns

With the development of the four future scenarios, Ter Steege has developed a solid external assessment framework against which the existing plans within the various parts of the company can be tested. The scenarios help the management boards of the various operating companies to break through existing thinking patterns, by also thinking about alternative futures in which the company can end up. Something that - after the crisis of recent years - is very much in demand in the construction world.

“The danger of a new economic revival is that we as a construction and real estate company focus too much on the here and now. By developing concrete future scenarios, we also want to force our boards to prepare for multiple futures when making their choices. ”
Bert Hallink - Management Advisor Ter Steege Group

Housing market scenarios as a fixed agenda item on the annual strategy day

By continuing to monitor the probability of the four housing market scenarios in the coming period, Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed also has a management tool at its disposal that also provides management with long-term tools in weighing up current strategic opportunities and risks. The aim is therefore to give the future scenarios a permanent place on the agenda of the group's annual strategy day.

"An additional advantage of the scenario process with Jester is that we as management have created a common frame of reference of the (possible) impact of current trends and developments that we see coming to our organization, so that we can take this uncertainty into account in decision-making."
Rieneke Leusink - Ter Steege, Ter Steege Group

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