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Future-proof and distinctive Economic Perspective

What will Zwolle focus on?

The municipality of Zwolle is part of the Zwolle Region: a partnership of 22 municipalities, spread over four provinces. The city is growing and the economic development of the region is strong: the Zwolle region has the ambition to become the fourth economic region of the Netherlands. The city has always championed successful regional cooperation and adhered to the economic agenda of the region, but has developed little of its own policy and profile. And with the development of an Environmental Vision, the question more and more arose as to how the municipality of Zwolle wants to commit itself within the region. There were also choices regarding the deployment of capacity and resources. Does the municipality opt for a large number of themes and/or sectors where it can offer a limited commitment per theme? Or the municipality focuses on a more limited number of themes where it can make a greater difference with stakeholders. An Economic Perspective had to be developed for this.

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Connecting to the future, connecting to city and region: scenarios and value system

A clear Economic Perspective requires policy choices/action perspectives that match both the external environment (where is the world going?) and the unique DNA of the city and region (what suits us?). In order to gain insight into trends and uncertainties in the external environment, a group of employees from the municipality of Zwolle, together with Jester Strategy, started drawing up future scenarios last year. The municipality has also drawn up three draft action perspectives that have served as inspiration/base for the Economic perspective to be developed. The developed scenarios were then used to test and enrich the action perspectives. This has resulted in a picture of which action perspectives are robust and future-proof.

Choose direction

A strategic focus was also examined: which scenarios seem the most likely and challenging and which action perspectives best address those scenarios. Based on, among other things, that image, a preferential action perspective was selected and refined, which served as the first impetus for the Economic Perspective.

The Economic Perspective was adopted unanimously by the Zwolle city council in July 2021 after consultation with various parties from the region (companies, Economic Board Zwolle Region, other municipalities, etc.).

“The scenarios and especially the discussion they fueled helped us to really choose a profile in our Economic Perspective. As a city, we believe that we can make a stronger contribution to a strong Zwolle region.”

Annelies Boot – Maris, Economics strategist, Municipality of Zwolle

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