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The unique and distinctive values ​​of Alphen aan den Rijn

What do residents of Alphen aan den Rijn like in their living environment, why are companies located here and why do entrepreneurs want to do business in Alphen aan den Rijn? A value system analysis has provided the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn with the answers to these questions.

The set of unique and distinctive values ​​from the value system forms one of the building blocks for the Environmental Vision. The Environmental Vision is an integrated vision of the physical living environment. The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn wants to draw up a flexible and adaptive vision, based on the protection and reinforcement of environmental values.

“In Alphen we wanted to work proactively with Environmental Vision. Integrality, flexibility and participation of residents are guiding principles here. Jester's value system thinking helps to map unique values. More importantly, the value system also shows which values ​​are powerful and which are vulnerable. We want to maintain a powerful value. The availability of Green and Water, for example. We want to strengthen important but vulnerable values. Liveability, for example. The value system helps us to set focus and direction by using the Environmental Vision to focus on projects in the physical living environment that protect or strengthen our most important values. ” - Peter Commissioner, program manager Environmental Act of the municipality

Value system Alphen aan den Rijn

An initial concept was drawn up in a workshop with municipal employees. In a survey, residents, entrepreneurs and municipal employees then gave their opinion on 14 Alphen values ​​such as diverse living, the regional labor market, liveability and the organization of civil society. They answered two questions about the values: 1) how unique and distinctive they are to Alphen aan den Rijn and 2) what values ​​they are concerned about. The outcome can be seen below.

“In total, almost 700 residents answered the questions. It was a bit of a puzzle to ask the questions in a way accessible to all residents. After the survey, we talked to residents about the most important values. Based on this, we have chosen six themes that will be central to the Environmental Vision. In 2018, we will further elaborate the chosen themes in order to arrive at concrete actions and also create a clear understanding of the division of roles and the tasks of the municipality, residents, businesses and social institutions. Jester's value system and their support in structuring and analyzing the many data sources has greatly helped us to make conscious choices. ” - Peter Commissioner, program manager Environmental Act of the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn

On February 6, 2018, we organized a workshop on value system thinking together with the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn. We will post a report on our site soon.

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