Our vision on strategy and management

Use your strengths to respond to change
In an ever changing world making informed choices is a challenge. We help organizations look inside and outside in a continuous learning cycle.

Business model analysis

The DNA of an organization

The business model describes the unique way in which your organization creates, delivers and retains value. Strong companies have a unique business model which has developed over the years and is not easy to transform or copy. With the business model analysis you discover your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Scenario planning

Creating unique value by doing the right things

The external environment is becoming more and more unpredictable. The traditional forms of forecasting and strategy development therefore are too rigid. Not the certainties, but rather the uncertainties must take central stage. With scenario planning you develop plausible future scenarios based on several key uncertainties. Scenarios are extreme but conceivable stories of the future providing insight into change and therefore give direction to your strategy.

OGSM: Strategic planning

Deliver optimal performance by doing things well

Strategic planning is the way in which an organization organizes its resources and deploys them to reach its goals. It is the way an organization gets from A to B. Strategic planning is about working out strategy into action lines. Determining timing. Assigning ownership. And allocating people and resources to realize the strategy. The OGSM model (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) provides the structure for shaping such planning.

Organization design

Control over your organization with a good design

In addition to a clear strategy a well-designed organization is crucial to reach your strategic goals. Think of it as the vehicle by which you have to win the race. The circumstances in which the organization needs to be successful may significantly change. This affects the optimal design of the organization. Create an organization that is ready for the future.

Business case

Understanding of costs and benefits of change

For each investment, project or new initiative you want to justify the use of time and money. A business case weighs the cost and benefits of a change in a structured manner. A sharp demarcation and thoughtful assumptions form the basis of this assessment. Using a business case you choose the initiative that creates most value for your organization.

Online tools

Collaborate on vision, strategy and realisation of results

Quick change can only be brought about if all involved are mobilized. By working together you increase the collective intelligence and support for the results. Our online tools facilitate collaboration, co-creation, knowledge sharing and transparency.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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