Strategy for nonprofits

Is your organization’s strategy future-proof?
How do we create value for our stakeholders? How do we quantify social value?
Who are our main target groups anyway? How do we ensure a healthy balance between income and expenditure? How do we respond to changes in our environment? These questions are about the strategy for nonprofit organizations. About making conscious choices for the future.

Strategy gives direction

Strategy is not just for commercial enterprises. For non-profit organizations it is just as important. A strategy indicates the direction of long-term (social) objectives. Non-profit organizations often work from a social ambition. The ever changing environment affects how an organization can fulfill this ambition.

Grip on uncertainty

There is uncertainty in nonprofits about developments relating to stakeholders, funding, society and regulations. By mapping uncertainties in a structured manner, an organization creates an understanding of change. Imagining future scenarios helps organizations make choices to respond proactively to change. Making informed choices then leads to a future-proof strategy.

Government: to govern is to look ahead

This saying is as simple as it is true. But economic, social and technological developments are so fast that it is impossible to predict the future. Developing future-proof and effective policies for living, space (city planning), social domain therefore really is a challenge. The days that the (municipal) administration in isolation prepared visions and policies are over. Citizens and businesses want to be more involved.

In the future it will be more and more important to choose a domain- and community-transcending look and approach.

Because of the increasing uncertainty the sustainability of policy or strategy is declining. Developing policy is evolving around adaptivity and making timely adjustments.

We help authorities/ administrations/ governments to get a grip on an uncertain future. Whether it is a residential, an area vision or an economic structure reinforcement, our City Strategy model inspires and gives structure. Looking inward with the value system analysis and outward with scenario planning. We make the discussion on policy and strategy accessible with serious games.

Education: beyond the issues of the day, into the future

Personalized learning, the influence of technology and social division. A selection of trends that have great influence on all levels of education. Trends that ask for a future-proof response. Yet teachers, administrators and policy makers spend most of their time solving the problems of today. Future-proof education is realized when organizations dare to look beyond the issues of the day. Organizations should deploy action today to still be able to prepare pupils/ students to their role in society in five or ten years time.

We help educational organizations get a grip on change. Translate this to actions that are now being deployed. So that education remains paramount and relevant. Using scenario planning, serious gaming and other methods educational organizations enter the conversation/ the dialogue about the future. This way boards, departments and teachers
together develop a distinctive and supported strategy.

Health and social services: meeting future challenges

Healthcare is changing. The days of nursing homes and the government as omniscient control body are over.
We know what trends and developments lie ahead, but how they will be related is still unknown. Every organization has a vision and a multiannual plan, but how robust and future-proof they are depends on how the future develops.

Together with all stakeholders of your organization we will bring clarity by outlining various scenarios. Developments in your sector, in your area and in the area of ​​your clients outline the contours of your future. The future is not feasible, but it is imaginable! Specific scenarios about your immediate surroundings will help you judge the extent to which your organization is prepared for the future. Together with you we use scenarios to test your internal strategy and vision to external developments. Are the choices in all possible future scenarios robust and future-proof?

Housing: constant change

The past decade the housing market has been rapidly changing. We have seen an economic and housing crisis, firm state cuts and reforms, decentralizations et cetera. In the future many other developments from society, economy and new technologies will influence the way we live and where we live. It is not easy to predict the future, but the challenges seem to be only increasing. How will we achieve adequate affordable housing? How do we enhance sustainability effective and fast enough? But also: what part does the old institute of housing corporation play in a (digitalizing) society? Moreover, these trends and new regulations demand a more intensified dialogue with various stakeholders about such issues. Developing a shared view of the future together is vital for creating support, drawing up a future-proof strategy and for strategic risk management.

With our expertise in the housing market, foresight, strategic control, involving stakeholders and the use of innovative methods we help housing corporations, municipalities and other parties in the field of housing to arrive at a practical and adaptive strategy, from planning to performance agreements.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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