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From strategy to concrete results

OGSM: Strategic Planning

The journey from A to B.

Successful organizations are able to carry out their plans. They translate strategic choices into concrete activities and indicators to measure success. This prevents them from getting stuck in vague slogans and ambitions. OGSM is a powerful model for strategic planning.

Making concrete and planning

Strategic planning is the way in which an organization organizes and uses its resources to achieve its goals. It is the way an organization gets from A to B. Strategic planning is about making strategy concrete in action lines. Determining timing. Investing ownership. And allocating people and resources to realize the strategy. The OGSM model (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) provides the structure to shape this planning.

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OGSM is a model to translate your ambition into concrete objectives, strategic choices and actions. OGSM stands for:






The objective is the ambition of the organization for the chosen planning period. It is the dot on the horizon that the organization strives for.

The qualitative objective is translated into quantitative goals. 


The goals are the strategic goals of the organisation, the benchmarks used to measure whether the desired success (the objective) has actually been achieved at the end of the planning period.


The strategies form the concrete strategic choices on which the organization deploys to realize its Objective.


De measures are the indicators from which it can be concluded whether the strategy is on track and the concrete actions that describe what one is going to do and who is responsible for it.

The success factors of OGSM


OGSM is a simple model, but working successfully with OGSM is not easy. We see three success factors:

1. Clear course

The strategy of the organization on one page, with sharp choices that have been worked out in concrete action plans and indicators.

2. Learning and adjusting

Clear method to regularly discuss progress as a team, evaluate the results and adjust where necessary.

3. Overview and insight

Simple overview and insight into the status of the OGSMs with the OGSM platform, so that you are always aware of the progress of the plan and know what to discuss as a team.

OGSM tool: strategic plan at a glance

For strategy creation and monitoring

Direct insight into the status of OGSMs

Clear working method for teams

One central place for communication

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