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Yasmine Rjiba

Role and expertise

Yasmine is a consultant within Jester Strategy and is engaged in advising and guiding organizations in both the public and private sector. Yasmine likes to deal with issues related to strategy developments for changing business environments.


Yasmine has a BSc International Business from Maastricht University and an MSc Strategic Management from Erasmus University. She also gained experience at a multinational in the construction sector. Here Yasmine focused on strategic issues relating to creating support for a new digital innovation strategy, the implementation of a strategy and tapping into a new business model.


Yasmine can best be described as energetic and enthusiastic. She enjoys taking up the challenge and arriving at the best solution together with the customer. She is very strong in communication and has a good understanding of the customer. Coupled with its ability to work well together, this provides concrete solutions. In her spare time, this Burgundian searches for new restaurants and can regularly be found in the gym. Want to know more about Yasmine? Fellow Jester Linda Kaput spoke to Yasmine, Gabriella and Rianne about their background, choice for Jester Strategy and view on the world. Read the entire interview our blog.

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