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BOVAG en RAI Association


BOVAG and RAI Association are leading branch associations in the Dutch mobility sector. Part of their policy is providing strategic information to associated members. For this reason the associations regularly research trends, developments and specific mobility-related issues. For the divisions Automobiles, Auto-craft or Motorized Two-Wheelers of the RAI Association and the divisions Car Dealers, Independent Car Companies and Motorized Two-Wheeler Business Jester Strategy conducts trend research and makes it accessible in the innovative online tool ‘My Future’.

My Future gives you food for thought. Various themes are presented to you, and you can then choose whether you have any use for them or not. Next, you get very specific points of action on your screen, which you then of course have to take up yourself.


To perform a trend research a combined project team was formed with employees of the associations, members of the associations and Jester consultants. First, it considered the scope of the survey. What strategic questions about the future do we want to be able to answer when we understand the trends? What specific issues do we want to give attention?

Based on the scope, an overview of relevant developments was made, by means of a combination of brainstorming sessions, desk research and interviews with experts. The trends were then assessed on both their impact on companies in the sector and their degree of unpredictability. In this way, a sharp distinction was made between autonomous trends (certainties) and uncertainties. With autonomous trends anyone can get started, as they surely will occur. To gain more understanding of uncertainties a number of future scenarios were drawn up.

The combined project team has been involved in all research activities and they reported to a steering committee for the approval of (interim) results.


BOVAG and RAI Associations chose not only to describe the trends and uncertainties, but also to think about strategic options for members to respond to developments. For each development at least 10 strategic options were formulated. The trends, uncertainties, scenarios and strategic options were then made accessible in the online tool My Future. The tool enables the members of the associations to quickly and easily create an action list by selecting strategic options and assign them priority. Jester’s approach together with the unique tool make that sometimes abstract trends are being very practically translated.

The world is changing. What do you do?

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